System Integration

Partner with us to leverage our end to end systems integration capabilities and maximize your 'Return on IT investments'. Comprehensive network design and structuring is essential to smooth networking. From design, development, installation, ongoing support, we offer impeccable services to our client across industries.

Software Solution

We code all sites to the most current Web standards, providing a usable, accessible, forward-thinking platform on which to build your online presence. We use industry-leading content management systems and media-aware code. Everything is updatable and adaptable. What does this mean for you? Your website will be viewable, searchable, and appealing to search engines and potential customers alike! Experience the difference made by a well-developed, strategically implemented website. We have been engaged in developing extensive products related to a number of industry domains. We have a variety of solution based products for industries such as Human Resource Management, Hospitality and Education so on. Our online portals for a diverse range of sectors are becoming popular in the web sphere.

Development in the basis of in-depth market analysis and renovation in accordance to latest demands has made our products successful. In addition to this, we developed customized products according to demands of our clients. We have developed many products for a number of reputed clients.

Data Center Solution

If you’re planning to build a new data center facility (or retrofit an existing structure for use as a data center), you should seriously consider hiring a data center consultant. Like any important decision, however, you must prepare yourself to choose a good consultant by first studying your own company’s needs as well as the qualifications, skills and characteristics of a data center professional. The more your company relies on IT resources to function, the more critical is the success of your data center project. Professional assistance can quickly provide returns on your investment by saving you frustration, additional costs from errors and inefficient implementations, and even hazardous situations that can threaten equipment and personnel.

The first step in selecting a data center consultant is evaluating your company’s needs. The consultant can help you to some extent in this regard, but no one knows your company better than you do. The more information you gather and evaluate beforehand, the less you’ll have to pay your consultant for work that you could have done just as well. The second step is evaluating the candidates in light of your needs and their levels of expertise. And finally, of course, you need to make that final decision—perhaps the most difficult part of the process.

Cyber Security

Nirihums helps companies to select right security framework, solutions and advises on measures to protect company’s IT assets. We have implemented several security measures of client requirements.

Companies adopt network security strategy and provisions for ensuring the security of its assets and of all network traffic. This strategy includes hardware and software tools to protect the network from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure. This way, companies can ensure secure platform for computers, users and programs to perform. Nirihums network security offerings include a whole array of solutions catering to various aspects of network security of small, midsized to large enterprises. Our solutions are based on a complete platform based approach and ensure flexibility and manageability.

Video Surveillance

We aim to provide world-class surveillance solutions that can address the security concerns of small, medium and large enterprises. Being an established solution provider catering to a wide range of customers, we understand the unique needs of different industries. Distinct from offering generic solutions, Nirihums emphasizes on providing industry-specific solutions to its customers. Whether you manage 100+ locations or one, our effective Centralized IP Video Surveillance system can capture and document security events from endless locations. Our team of experts have been instrumental in executing turnkey solutions over the years.

Access Control

Our expert technical teams offer state-of-art access control software solutions integrating the most advanced technological assistance and innovative networking capabilities. With Nirihums solutions, rest assured of a full-featured access control security system that can serve facility of any size.

Radio Frequency Solution

Nirihums provides complete end to end Point To Point solution for the end customer including supply and management of Point To Point links. We provide a pair of Radio along with external Antenna where one Radio is installed on Service Provider’s Exchange/POP and another Radio (s) shall be installed on customer premises. Nirihums also provides the required polesand connectivity.